The Lesson That Opened My Eyes

As I prepare for my week, I'm listening to a recently purchased book. This post will be brief and straight to the point. Most of us experience situations with other individuals that, no matter what we do, often try to bring us down or choose not to acknowledge our accomplishments. 

But an eye-opening lesson was cleared when the author spoke in my ear and explained how whenever someone seeks to create feelings of inferiority in us, it is because they feel threatened by who we are and by the fact that we are achieving our goals.

But instead of feeling angry at their words or actions, we must respect them. They are people who think We are better than them. The behavior confirms our superiority and power, and status in relation to them.

In Hollywood, most artists compete for roles and 2 seconds in the spotlight. But for me, working in Hollywood has been a school I am grateful for. I focus on me, on my goals, on being a better human being, a better artist than the day before. 

Yes, I look at others at levels I admire and allow their success to guide me, to be the influence that makes me get out of bed and continue learning. people doing better serve as inspiration. 

Tell me, Have you experienced putdowns before? From who? How did you handle it, and how was it beneficial for you? Remember your thoughts and experiences to help our community grow.

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