Why did Diegodiego changed his name to Sidow Sobrino?

Entertainer Diegodiego changed his stage name to Sidow Sobrino when he got engaged to now husband Richard Sidow-Sobrino.

Sidow, whose birth name is Diego Hernan Sobrino Guillermo, noticed the name Diego, in the entertainment industry, had become too common. Performers like Diego Boneta, Diego Luna, Diego Torres and Diego Verdaguer had saturated the market, when googled serched, all these names competed for attention.

Diego decided he wanted a more European, recognizable and distinguished name. The origin of the sur name Sidow is German and Swedish, this meant opening more doors in Western world Countries,as well as sporting a label no one had heard of before, a new and unique character. But most importantly, the Star wanted to honor his family name Sobrino, and the family name of his Husband Sidow, hence the name Sidow Sobrino was born.





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