You hold a Special Place in My heart

I understand the excitement you feel when You think of me. Every time you message me and offer me to put the world at my feet. I Thank You. Feel free to surrender your desires to me at any time.

You have my attention. I am all yours to enjoy, But whenever I'm asked, what you can do for me to see I want for nothing, I can ask for many things. Yes, I love to be pleasured. 

One thing that gets you engraved in my heart is when you stream our songs and videos and share them. 

Listen to our music repeatedly daily, and tell everyone you know about Sidow Sobrino, The World's No.1 Superstar!

Every time You share our content, images, and posts, you show me how much You care, and in return, I have more time to give you the best of me. All of me!

I love You. I love You with all My heart; I am Mad over You. Sidow Sobrino



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