Amigo and Roxie needed a Bath


There's nothing quite like returning home after a blissful 2.5-week getaway in Italy. The bustling streets of Naples, the delectable pizza, the romantic gondola rides in Venice—absolute perfection. But as soon as we stepped through our front door, reality hit us: Amigo and Roxie, our beloved Chihuahuas, desperately needed a bath.



Enter Richard, my husband and the unsung hero of our household. Without missing a beat, he rolled up his sleeves and got to work. Catching them was the first challenge, which in itself could be considered an Olympic event. Amigo, pranced around like a deer on espresso, while Roxie darted about as if she had suddenly decided she was part greyhound. The resulting baths were a blur of bubbles, fur, and Richard's increasingly desperate pleas for them to "just hold still for one second!"



When the battle was finally over, our once-grubby furballs were transformed into the fluffy, fragrant family members we adore. The bathroom, on the other hand, looked like a tsunami had hit. Richard, soaked to the bone but grinning like a champion, had triumphed. As we settled down that evening, cuddling with our clean, content pups, it was clear that this messy, hilarious ordeal had brought us all closer together. The joys of family life, canine and human alike, never fail to bond us in the most unexpected ways.


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