Our Great Three Hour Hot Dog Hunt

Since our return from Italy, Richard and I decided to celebrate the 4th of July with an all-American feast—burgers, hot dogs, chips, and watermelon. Classic, right? But here's where our story takes a twist. You see, we're quite particular about our hot dogs. Only Hebrew National's 97% fat free franks will do for us.

Imagine our dismay when we discovered they were sold out everywhere! But Richard and I are not ones to give up easily. When we want something, we go all out to make it happen. So began our epic quest.

For days, we scoured store after store. On Tuesday, we set out determined to find our elusive franks. We spent three hours driving around town, hunting for our prey. We were tired, did not give up hope, and we struck gold. There they were, our beloved hot dogs, in all their glory. We didn't just buy one or two packs; we bought eight. Yes, eight packs! We might have a hot dog problem, but hey, everyone has their quirks, right?

The Image You're looking at is the precise moment we walked out of the store, triumphant and ready to celebrate our victory.

Now, it's truly a celebration!

What’s the longest you’ve ever spent searching for a specific food item? And do you have any quirky food preferences that you’d go to great lengths to satisfy? Share your stories in the comments!

Happy 4th of July, everyone! Enjoy your burgers, chips, and hot dogs, and remember, sometimes the hunt is half the fun!


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