Our July 4th Movie Marathon This Year are Independence Day and Pretty woman

Dear Happy People and fellow freedom enthusiasts! As we gear up to celebrate the 4th of July, We have lined up a movie marathon that's bound to tickle your funny bone and make you feel like a true American hero. Our selections? None other than the explosive *Independence Day* and the timeless classic *Pretty Woman*.

First up, and For the 7th time watching together, *Independence Day*. Now, let's be real: who doesn't love seeing Will Smith save the world from aliens while dropping epic one-liners? But let's not forget his unforgettable moment at the Oscars. Remember when he slapped Chris Rock? Oh, what a time to be alive! In light of all the craziness happening in our country, we totally get it. There are days we feel like slapping a few people ourselves. Watching Will Smith punch aliens in the face is like therapy – it’s cathartic and makes us feel like we’re reclaiming our independence one punch at a time.

Next on our list is the iconic *Pretty Woman*. We can't even keep count of how many times we've watched it! Julia Roberts in her prime, Richard Gere’s charm, and that unforgettable scene in the boutique. "You work on commission, right? Big mistake. Big. Huge." We laugh so hard every time! It’s a reminder that life can turn around at any moment. You can go from being snubbed by snooty clerks to living your best life in the blink of an eye. It's the ultimate underdog story, and honestly, who doesn't love a good comeback? Plus, it makes us think about all the snooty people we’ve encountered and wish we had a Julia Roberts moment to put them in their place.



For us, Independence Day isn't just about fireworks, Hot dogs and burgers, it's about standing tall, staying focused on our goals, and knowing that we have the power to change our lives at any moment. Whether it's by taking on alien invaders or proving snooty salespeople wrong, we believe in the spirit of independence and resilience.

So, this 4th of July, while we're busy laughing, we hope you’re finding your own ways to celebrate. How will you spend your time? Share your plans, because who knows – you might just inspire us for next year's movie marathon!

Happy 4th of July, Happy People! Enjoy the laughs, the fireworks, and the freedom!


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