Sidow Sobrino with actor Barry Williams

Barry William Blenkhorn grew up in Santa Monica, California and, after he turned 4 years old, he became one of those annoying kids who were bound and determined to get into show business. He was neighbors with actor Peter Graves whom he idolized and asked for advice on how to become an actor and his response was that he just thought about it. At the age of 11, he changed his name from Barry William Blenkhorn to Barry Williams. He then got an acting coach and took some scene study courses in Sherman Oaks and took courses for film and television techniques which later he landed a lead role in an educational school industrial called "Why Johnny Can Read" and landed roles in TV commercials. Then he had guest roles in TV shows such as Run for Your Life (1965), Here Come the Brides (1968), It Takes a Thief (1968), Marcus Welby, M.D. (1969) and Mission: Impossible (1966), but then success came for him when he landed the role of "Greg Brady" in the blockbuster hit family sitcom series The Brady Bunch (1969).

In 1992, Barry wrote "GROWING UP BRADY...I Was a Teenage Greg", which spent more than three months on the New York Times bestseller list. 




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