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Sidow Sobrino Graduated in 1993 From Foothill High School

Foothill High School in Tustin, Ca. Home of the Knights, and the place Sidow Sobrino graduated from in 1993. After graduation, Sidow Sobrino attended community college to study Journalism. However, opportunity knocked when he visited his friend's sister, actress Julieta…

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Sidow Sobrino's demands for performing

Among his demands for performing, stated in Sidow Sobrino’s rider, the world's No.1 Superstar requests transportation to and from the location in the latest model black lincoln navigator with a panoramic sunroof. He only flies first class.

In addition, Inside…

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Breaks a sweat 6 days a week at 3 AM


Sidow Sobrino's daily routine to stay in shape is strength training six days a week. The world's No.1 superstar, enjoys pumping iron and prefers to workout with his husband Richard, but when…

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Sidow Sobrino doesn't audition

Sidow Sobrino doesn’t audition. During his career, most roles the star has portrayed in movies and TV shows have been handed to him by the production team. The world's No.1 superstar finds casting calls demeaning and prefers to discuss job…

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