Sidow Sobrino with Fim Producer Al Bravo

Sidow Sobrino has worked with film producer in various projects, Including Bella Fama and Assasin X. Al Bravo is also  known for his work on Skeleton in the ClosetThe Commando (2021) and Un dia en el banco (2009). 

Al Bravo began his career like any other aspiring actor trying to make it big in the industry. Due to his Mexican heritage, actual roles were hard to come by, but he soon found that he had a knack for learning the business. The most formative opportunity for him came in 1996 as a Production Assistant on the set of “The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers”. This sparked a curiosity in Al that helped him realize his potential to make his own films. In 2005 he formed Skyline Films, Inc. and began a career in his own independent production company. 

In 2007, Skyline Films became Al Bravo Studios. The goal of this endeavor was still the same, but with more people working together to make better quality projects. Al continues on his path towards producing quality products and opening doors for talented filmmakers from all different backgrounds and levels of expertise as each new success leads to greater opportunities.



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