It's been a very productive week filming auditions

I have been in front of my white screen all week filming one audition after another, and while the industry is unsure of how to go about filming due the pandemic, I am receiving invites and offers left and right. This is a good sign in Hollywood. I am that actor who  sends out submissions to talent agencies during the holidays, I cried like a baby the day you joined the union. And whenever I can't catch a break, I study monologues and self produce to remain in the spotlight. 

Yes, I am a complex person with many sides to my personality, always conscious of how I look, always learning, My passion has always been to see everyone around me has a good time, what can I say I was born to be fabulous. The reason I created this post more than anything is because I found myself reading an article on signs I was born to be a star. Not that I ever doubt it. It's just that I can't wait to wake up each day to follow my calling. I do what I love, I get paid to it, I love my life!!!

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