Today's Topic, GOD!!!

One of the most touchy subjects to talk about is God. Or should I say Religion? A producer I know, John Corella, was interviewed by Dan Van Note on his Podcast. Their conversation turned to what it's like to be gay and a follower of Jesus, John's interview is available on Apple and Spotify. 

Our comment to John was; The only thing we all have to understand is that nothing is clear about the Bible, God, or beliefs. Except for the fact that we leave judgment behind when we love, which is what God represents. We then respect each other; we live in peace and acceptance. 

Some people choose to believe strongly in the bible, a book based on horrific stories. We decided not to care about it because, as we said. This holly being committed these crimes. It gives us the impression that God had no idea of what he was doing, and like an artist who hates his creation, he has to destroy it. But this creation wasn’t some oil painting or Lego block; It is us beings with emotions and feelings. 

As we previously mentioned, we know God is love. When humans kill, condemn, and torture others for living a certain way, they leave behind LOVE. They are focused instead on false beliefs of this world. Organized religion is what freaks me out, and as I said before, taking passages from the bible to benefit your lifestyle by reading messages that aren’t clear. That is dangerous. 

When we accept others as they are. If they live in sin or are confused, we have the choice to be around them or not. We may not like some or all their activities. Our job as siblings is to bless them in the name of God's Love and direction, period.  

It's also not our concern when others choose to love us or hate us for our ways. We should not be interested in being accepted. We should only be worried about pleasing God; for us, He is the only one who counts. We all know the difference between good and evil. Even that is a confusing whirlpool for many. 

We know the world evolves that even a rose bush with the most beautiful blooms once in a while leaves us speechless with rarities. We believe strongly in God. We admit we're not too fond of what I learn about him, but we choose to love him, and he loves us too. We experience his love with answered prayers, blessings, and His divine protection. At home, we cherish our connection with God. We attend church mostly in gratitude for the many times our lives were derailed, and in God, we found hope and a sense of a more positive and stable lifestyle. 

Tell us do you believe in God? How do you feel about crimes committed based on religious beliefs? I opened this forum not to drive each other insane but to understand better why so much wrong is done in the name of God. 

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