We're Inspired with a Song about How we Love

When writing a song, the beauty of inspiration is one of those trance-like feelings that always come from unexpected sources and awkward times. The music in our head and the messages I want to express are deep. How we love. 

Of course, we can't say how others do it, but we can talk from personal experience. When we love, we want you to want for nothing. We wish to grant your every desire. We want to protect you and hold you close to our hearts and feel the beat of yours, and connect to your soul. We look to penetrate your every cell and torture it with passion. We look to punish your cravings of the flesh in the most animalistic way and at the same time caress you delicately for the fragile being you are.  

The way we love is more than just a physical connection; my responsibility as a male to you is to listen closely, to look at the signals you send in how you want to be held; if you wish to be crushed, be trampled on or tenderly handled. We have to pay close attention to your yearnings. It is my duty to appease your appetite. 

Love is more than just two bodies thrown around; it is the interrelation of the minds, the body, the appreciation of your existence and gratitude with God for bringing you into our live. This is how we love.

We will keep you posted as we create this tune. We don’t know the name yet, or the beat. I appreciate your input, tell me what turns you on, what makes you wallow insane? Do we unleash the beast, or do you rather be with the gentleman? leave your comments below.

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I hope you are enjoying my latest song and music video, Bananas 4 God; it's available for streaming on Qobuz in Europe, Spotify, Apple Music, iHeartRadio, Deezer, and all music platforms worldwide. 

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Let's Dance!!!!





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