The Sidow Sobrino couple celebrate 11 months of wedded bliss


Ask around and everyone will tell you how the Sidow Sobrino men's love story is unique in many ways.

Both stars felt they would never be able to marry as gay men. While gay rights supporters applauded the decision of same sex marriage, conservative political and religious groups continue to express outrage.

 The King of Kings and the Rich man's union breaks many barriers, families that were unsupportive, mental health issues, sadness, anxiety, stress and even discrimination within their religious beliefs and more.

But, the story of them having tied the knot is for future generations to grab a hold of and celebrate their love, their marriage chronicles is an example to others, it shows how love wins and anything is possible, dreams can become reality. The couple will celebrate one year of being together under God's blessing by releasing a song titled "Our love" on August 24,2020 


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