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My week has no Beginning or End

For most people the week starts on Monday, ends Friday and get to enjoy the weekends off. For me however the week, is basically today and it's always today. As a producer I'm always working on new projects, reading, learning…

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The Untamed Man

We named this image "The Untamed Man." It will help my team with submissions for fitness, modeling gigs and other projects. 

Who knows, maybe we'll break the internet waves again. Thank you for sharing it across the waves. I love…

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2021 is here and The Auditioning process has begun

By the 8th day of January 2021, I started receiving requests from casting directors to audition for their current  film and TV projects. After 3 weeks off during my Christmas vacation, I started displaying my talent performing. Auditioning is terrifying…

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Become a Hollywood Star

Most people wonder how to get into the entertainment industry and make their dreams come true, the wealth, the global recognition, the love from the adoring fans, and the joy of entertaining the masses. If this is you, We'll let…

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