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The Lesson That Opened My Eyes

As I prepare for my week, I'm listening to a recently purchased book. This post will be brief and straight to the point. Most of us experience situations with other individuals that, no matter what we do, often try to…

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We feel elated over our daily accolades

We're sitting in front of our computer typing this blog post after visiting our distributor's website this morning and sending them our material for future release. Every song we create brings us to a moment when being a professional artist…

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Took the husband Out To The Opera

Nothing like the classics and the profound emotions conveyed through music, powerful voices, costumes, and dramatic art. We visited the San Diego Civic Center theater again this year to enjoy Shakespeare's Roméo et Juliette. We know many don't get this…

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Our relationship is based on God’s Love

I remember the day Richard and I met. On our way to drop me off where I was staying at the time, I requested he joins me in prayer. He says he was surprised and loved the idea. God has…

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When You Believe in Yourself No one can Stop You.

Ever had your dreams crushed by anyone? Really? Well, who cares. Do you know what is fantastic about You? Every little detail. Take a look at the wonder God created in front of a mirror. Always celebrate who you are…

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Our Prayers are With You

Yesterday morning after sharing with You that Richard and I were on our way to Church, many requested that we pray for You. You Know what? I am happy to do so. I pray to God every day for each…

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I’m Back in School, Meet my teacher Damian Keyes

The entertainment industry continues to change; as technology evolves, there are more ways to achieve goals and move forward. While the film industry does things one way, the music industry does another. Some are the same basic steps, but this…

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How I stand Up for Myself in Life

In Hollywood, you are either perfect for the part or your not. I can’t tell you it used to drive me insane when I heard You are too tall for this part, and your hair is too short. Will you…

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Evil Doesn't Deserve Your Attention

Don't ever feel fear, DON'T GIVE EVIL ANY ATTENTION. Pay close attention to this, and share it with everyone You know.

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I have submitted my vote for The 2022 SAG-AFTRA Awards

You know you are no longer playing children games when as a professional in the entertainment industry you get to submit a vote for the SAG-AFTRA Awards. The 28th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, honoring the best achievements in film…

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I am Forever Grateful with Your Love and Support

In my industry, the saying here today gone tomorrow is a true statement. You often hear of the HUGE success of an artist. This is usually to the amount of $$$ the labels or studios spend on public relations and…

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