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We feel elated over our daily accolades

We're sitting in front of our computer typing this blog post after visiting our distributor's website this morning and sending them our material for future release. Every song we create brings us to a moment when being a professional artist…

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Took the husband Out To The Opera

Nothing like the classics and the profound emotions conveyed through music, powerful voices, costumes, and dramatic art. We visited the San Diego Civic Center theater again this year to enjoy Shakespeare's Roméo et Juliette. We know many don't get this…

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Today's Topic, GOD!!!

One of the most touchy subjects to talk about is God. Or should I say Religion? A producer I know, John Corella, was interviewed by Dan Van Note on his Podcast. Their conversation turned to what it's like to be…

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We're Inspired with a Song about How we Love

When writing a song, the beauty of inspiration is one of those trance-like feelings that always come from unexpected sources and awkward times. The music in our head and the messages I want to express are deep. How we love. 

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Our relationship is based on God’s Love

I remember the day Richard and I met. On our way to drop me off where I was staying at the time, I requested he joins me in prayer. He says he was surprised and loved the idea. God has…

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Today We’re doing more of what You love

We’re back inside the recording studio today with a new song. “My Amir,” the new LP we are working on, will amaze you with the material it includes. We are pouring all our love and positive energy, so you feel…

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Our Prayers are With You

Yesterday morning after sharing with You that Richard and I were on our way to Church, many requested that we pray for You. You Know what? I am happy to do so. I pray to God every day for each…

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I am Celebrating my SAG-AFTRA Membership Anniversary

We all celebrate birthdays, wedding anniversaries and whatever comes to mind. One special day for me was February 26th, 2021 when I finally Joined the Screen Actor's Guild. I had been acting and recording music for over 20 years but…

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Inside the S&S recording Studio Mixing

We have been working on one of the eleven songs we are including in the Upcoming Production "My Amir." I'm always to release a new song or movie, but seriously its even more exciting to be working in new projects…

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Evil Doesn't Deserve Your Attention

Don't ever feel fear, DON'T GIVE EVIL ANY ATTENTION. Pay close attention to this, and share it with everyone You know.

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I won this week's Game of Battleship

Richard and I watched movies this weekend, as a member of the screen actor's guild I get to vote, but its really the hours I spend learning from my peers, growing and being with my husband that I enjoy most…

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