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Our Church had a forum yesterday on mental illness. Guest speakers shared their experiences and helped us all learn about the stigma regarding this debilitating disorder. Dealing with bipolar disorder type II myself, when it manifested heavily  I never thought…

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We feel elated over our daily accolades

We're sitting in front of our computer typing this blog post after visiting our distributor's website this morning and sending them our material for future release. Every song we create brings us to a moment when being a professional artist…

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Today We’re doing more of what You love

We’re back inside the recording studio today with a new song. “My Amir,” the new LP we are working on, will amaze you with the material it includes. We are pouring all our love and positive energy, so you feel…

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My week has no Beginning or End

For most people the week starts on Monday, ends Friday and get to enjoy the weekends off. For me however the week, is basically today and it's always today. As a producer I'm always working on new projects, reading, learning…

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We love playing make believe

We're so happy and grateful to hear casting directors asking us to audition for their productions. This was when we used to submit demos. Playing make-believe is a lot of fun. Here we are, in character. Can you guess what…

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We are blessed with the visit of a praying mantis today!

Seeing a praying mantis can be considered good luck or flawed, depending on your culture. for us is GOOD for sure!

Because of the “praying” hands, some Christians say that the praying mantis represents spiritualism or righteousness, and if found…

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