Sidow Sobrino and husband Richard Guest Star as Gregory and James on


Produced by Soul Injection Studios. The web series launched early in December of 2021. It is a comedy series about a couple seeking new friendships later in life, who turn to a new site:, hoping to find the perfect fit. 

Starring Chela Morin as Lindsey and Justin M. Tolliver as Carter, the show features a cast of versatile actors from around the nation portraying characters that will take you on a hilarious journey of how society nowadays goes about relationships, and the madness of dealing with fake profiles, unique personalities and websites that promise you love, harmony and unity, but deliver poorly. 

In the 4th episode of the series titled IMPROPER USE, we meet Gregory and James, roles given life by Sidow Sobrino and husband Richard Sidow-Sobrino who make their debut acting together aside from their music and musical video productions.  

“I think all professionals in the entertainment industry who are involved in a love relationship dream of working together.” The world’s No.1 superstar declared. “There is so much time spent during the filming process of a production, family always pays the price of long hours of work, but when you get the blessing of working with your husband the magic becomes even more wonderful, I am in true heaven working next to Richard.” Sidow ended. Richard added, “ I can’t even begin to put in words what it means to have waited all my life for this opportunity to act professionally.” He went on to say, “To be able to work alongside my husband, Sidow Sobrino, is icing on the cake!”  

The series is now available for streaming, visit their official website at  and also checkout the full cast credits on IMDb at more episodes are scheduled to be released soon.