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We spent the evening being seduced by Can Can Dancers

Everyone loves a fine dinner and a show. last night at the Moulin Rouge was exceptional. We enjoyed a spectacle full of wonder. Beautiful ladies singing and dancing with Feathers, rhinestones, and sequins plus plenty more surprises, oh la la!

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Bonjour a top la tour Eiffel

We are happy knowing Adolf Hitler when he conquered France, never reached the top of the Eiffel Tower. Mark your calendars, today June 11th 2022 The Sidow-Sobrino's made it to the summit of La Dame de Fer, "the Iron Lady." 

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Sidow Sobrino Burns proud as the The eternal flame

Each breath taken in Paris is power, we are armed with God's favor and blessings.

Always in charge of our destiny, we are historic. Yes, Sidow Sobrino is fire burning proud as the eternal flame. 




Our Feet Walked The World's Most Beautiful Avenue

From Place de la Concorde in the east to  the Place Charles de Gaulle in the west, where the Arc de Triomphe is located we strolled down France's last stage, The Avenue des Champs-Élysées




We are on board the Big Bus Tour

Sporting a beret, this morning we are traveling around Paris. This time is all about learning of the landmarks that make France beautiful and give it it's rich history.




Third day in Paris, the adventure gets better

Here's a private moment I'm sharing with you, I'm two seconds away from waking up my husband and get going. I will update you with more Paris fun throughout the day. 




We had dinner on the The Seine

For the evening event we hopped aboard a Dinner cruise on the Seine River. Orderves, Main meal, and dessert were all part of the experience.

We ate, we sang and saw the marvels of Paris along the river's bank.





Our Tour Guide Anna enlightened us with wisdom

I have to start this post by saying Anna, I know you will see this, please let us know how to spell your name correctly.

Anna took us around the museum, sharing her knowledge with us. She made the experience…

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It Was The Mona Lisa's Pleasure to meet us

Today we came face to face with Leonardo da Vinci's most famous painting La Joconde. We also saw the world's largest collection of art.

Standing infront of it all reminded me how I always get whatever I set my mind…

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Waking up from Our First Night in Paris

The feeling of waking up in Paris is unlike any other. I love it! Every view is regal, it has a very powerful essence, and the architecture is surely mesmerizing.

I got Richard Roses, we took photos and we send…

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We're in Paris France

Our Love, God's blessings, and the discipline with our careers brought us today to one of the most iconic, historical, and romantic places on earth. We share the joy with you. Our fans. We celebrate this moment in time with…

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Happy and Blessed Sunday June 5th

Have a wonderful day, we hope you are enjoying your vacation. We are at church praising and thanking God for his blessings. We wish you an amazing week ahead. 




Life is all about learning something new every day

Every day is full of opportunities. One of the things we treasure most is the chance to grow and improve ourselves as much as possible. I love learning. I'm so grateful for Amazon's audible. There's always a title I'm listening…

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Too excited to sleep

Are you ever too excited to sleep? I'm experiencing that right now. We're in the middle of the year and it represents a time to work on a lot of projects. Lots need to be taken care of before our…

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Went out shopping

Did a little shopping today. We went out looking for a jacket to wear in Paris. We had a few styles shipped out to the store and this one fit perfectly. The clothes we wear are a celebration of life…

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Making a stop at Home Depot

We learned this time of the year is perfect for replanting our greenery, So we are at home depot picking up some new pots. 

The end of June / early July is peak sunflower season, but some blooms are already…

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Meditating on the beauty of life

When we believe that God ONLY wants to bless us with the best, we understand that every situation we experience is for our good. If the day is gray and in our mind, it's a beautiful day, then it is…

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Getting Ready For The Day

Hi Happy People, Richard and I are saying "See you Later Honey," as we snapped this selfie. We each are getting ready to start our day. My husband is 1.5 days away from wrapping the 2021-2022 school year. Yay! I'm…

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Happy Heavenly Birthday Marilyn Monroe

Today June first, would be Marilyn Monroe's birthday. We're sending you all of our love and blessings in heaven Goddess of the silver screen.

You left us endless moments to celebrate your legacy and continue to inspire many of us…

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We're Out eating Mediterranean Food

Sam's Pita and Kabab in Riverside, CA. is one of our favorite places to eat. We love the food and the quiet atmosphere. It's like being in paradise when we don't want to cook. Happy people, this is the place…

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Meet Our Praying Mantis Babies

The New addition to our family are these baby praying mantis. We got some new plants for the house, and learned these creatures help with eating insects, and keeping creepy crawlers away. Yay! Welcome to the Sidow Sobrino Ultimate Kingdom…

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We Just Launched This Today!

We're launching our microblog today. We will update it many times throughout the day. This is the place where we can do, say and be ourselves without sensors. First things first, Sending you blessings, love, dance music, videos, and endless…

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