Sidow Sobrino in Mind of Mencia

"I have two sets of genitalia"  Sidow Sobrino portrays a Hermaphrodite in the TV show "Mind Of Mencia." a sketch-variety series, hosted by Honduran-born comic Carlos Mencia on the Comedy Central Network, offers a distinctive take on life and its quirks. The show combines commercial parodies, filmed segments on the street and studio bits in a format that is reminiscent of venerable late-night show "Saturday Night Live" and other similar shows that have aired through the years. Episodes of "Mind of Mencia" feature guest appearances by a number of well-known comics, including Dave Attell, Frank Caliendo, Bobby Lee and Daniel Tosh.

Director: Danny J. Boyle Creators: Carlos Mencia, Robert Morton Writers: Chris McGuire, Carlos Mencia, Robert Morton See more » Stars: Carlos Mencia, Brad Williams, Joseph Mencia Sidow Sobrino