Sidow Sobrino in Te Presumo

Sidow Sobrino commits one of the most horrific crimes, in what is considered by the public the most popular Latin films of all time. Based on the hit song "Te presumo." by Banda El Recodo. El Meno (Sidow Sobrino) is heartless, and high out of his mind on every drug possible, while the members of the dangerous gang he belongs to rob a gas station, the evil character The King of kings gives life to, discharges a gun, wounding a family man, and killing his first born son.

The cast stars Chuy Perez, Jeimi Salinas, Amador Granados, Francisco Didier, Teresa Vallejo, Nikol Elis, Pablo Cruz, Tony Perez, David Cruz, Tomas Perez and Monica Leiva. Directed by Chuy Perez and Cecilia Cruz.