The King of Kings is rushed to the ER, and now under quarantine for possibility of having Covid-19

Richard the Rich man Sidow-Sobrino drove the King of Kings to the emergency room this morning, after the singer had been experiencing coronavirus related symptoms.

Sidow, had been experiencing a sore throat and complaint early morning to having a experienced hard time breathing, and cold chills. 

The actor and recording artist posted on his facebook profile he was at the hospital, Inside an isolated canopy waiting, to be X- rayed and swabbed for coronavirus. He soon received messages from loved ones to take care of himself.

Sidow was later sent home to quarantine with antibiotics. and is currently waiting for Covid test results  which will take a few days. patients who test positive are only admitted  under severe inability to breathe.

Both stars admitted to have returned from a trip to Pennsylvania where they filmed scenes for their upcoming music video, Our love.

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