Our Economy Has Taken a Huge Hit And Anthony Robbins New Book Unshakeable Can Help


We are all facing bad times with our finances, and our industry, as you have heard, is doing very poorly. The wages being offered for roles in TV and Film projects are not amounts that get me out of bed excited to put on makeup, wear wigs, and deliver lines. I have to be transparent, love what I do, and I don't work for free. I'm not only an actor and recording artist, but I am also a business owner, and I have to remain educated and informed on as much as possible.  I'm in the process of producing new songs and videos and must offer the very best of myself to You always. FRUSTRATED is our spring release, here is a preview of the upcoming video.

I heard about Anthony Robbins New Book Unshakeable, I immediately downloaded my copy from Amazon's Audible and after a few minutes, my state of mind had improved. It's not only my industry that is suffering, we all are. The Short message here is to get your copy today, your wallet, your family, and everyone around will benefit from it.

Knowledge is power, never underestimate learning something new or touching base on some information you might have forgotten. 


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