These are Precious Moments of The Sidow-Sobrino Family With Our Dogs

The connection with our dogs is something My husband Richard and I treasure a lot. We specifically set aside time to sit back, hold hands and allow our dogs Roxie and Amigo to walk all over us, play, tickle. I even sing for them until we're all laughing out of control. Well' they bark insanely but you can tell they're having a good time because they flip, and get on their backs and the tails just wag out of control. 

In the image above is my husband Richard with Roxie having one of those "Pet me now" moments, There's no holding back our girl. When Roxie commands attention she wants that belly rubbed for hours.

As for the next image, Richard was in the kitchen cooking our steak for dinner and during our conversation I managed to snap this photo. Amigo sitting with Papa paying close attention to what was being said, or maybe planning how he would get his teeth on that juicy fillet mignon. Go Figure, truly private moments at home worth sharing with you. 

We hope You enjoy these moments behind the scenes, sometimes these images can be blurry, However as the moment is captured we bring them to you, so you know how special you truly are being a close part of our circle of fans and followers.

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