A major fight between the Sidow Sobrino men, leaves Richard with a black eye

The yelling and screaming coulb be heard for miles, sources said. No one believes viral Superstar Sidow Sobrino would become so physically abusive over husband Richard. During a major fight, Sidow lost his mind and punched his kind and dear husband in the right eye, leaving a mark many say will take weeks to heal. But what caused the terrible situation, was that... 

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We got you good, yes, there was no fight, at least not the type we began telling you in this post. You see both of the stars found themselves auditioning for a pilot series, and they both read for the same character. Auditions were filmed and submitted this afternoon. Tell everyone you know, play the gag on all your friends. share this post and have them all log in to this story, so you too can join the fun!