Sidow and Husband Richard auditioned for one role and booked Guest starring parts instead

The world's No.1 superstar and husband Richard received a couple weeks back a request from a production company to audition for a role where they would work together. After submitting their tape, the Director reached out to them requesting they play a bigger part than the one they read for. 

At this time the SS duo have announced their participation on a project on their social networks and received abundant support from friends, family members and fans, but are not sharing details due to production confidentiality. The upcoming creation is being filmed under a SAG-AFTRA agreement, and for Richard is a big step towards his professional goals working as an actor in Hollywood, a dream he had ever since he was a child, and one that Sidow Sobrino who has been working in the industry for over 20 years is helping him achieve without all the roadblocks the star had to endure to make a name for himself during his beginnings.

This opportunity comes just at the right time when Sidow Sobrino is about to launch his New LP I’m Obsessed with You, which features the Rich man, as Sidow calls him, singing background vocals, and a couple of songs in which he performs as a star as well. The album is set to be released worldwide on all streaming services on October 26th.