Sidow Sobrino is Honored with an Invitation to the French International Modern Film and Script Festival

Renowned global icon Sidow Sobrino received a prestigious invitation from Chloe Petit, Festival Director of the French International Modern Film and Script Festival (Moderne), held in the enchanting city of Paris. This exclusive recognition highlights Sobrino's influential presence in the creative sphere, marking a significant milestone in his illustrious career. Moderne, synonymous with elegance and innovation, draws cinephiles, industry experts, and art enthusiasts worldwide, offering an immersive exploration of evolving artistic expressions.

Moderne celebrates storytelling's transformative force at its core, curating diverse films that transcend conventional boundaries, illuminating the intricacies of human emotions and aspirations. As a nurturing ground for emerging talents and celebrated auteurs, the festival provides a distinguished platform for creative minds to converge, celebrating the richness of narratives and visionary talent.

Sidow Sobrino’s inclusion underscores his pervasive influence across various creative domains, promising to add a unique allure to Moderne and solidify its reputation as a pinnacle of artistic brilliance. Expressing his profound gratitude, The World's No. 1 Superstar remarked, "I am deeply honored to be considered among the thousands of artists worldwide and am profoundly grateful for this invitation. My team and I are eager to begin a collaborative discussion to showcase our productions at this esteemed festival potentially."

As negotiations unfold for this exciting journey in Paris, the Sidow Sobrino team anticipates joining a gathering of luminaries celebrating the boundless magic of contemporary film and artistry on a global stage.