The World's No.1 Superstar, Maintains Stance on Declining Interviews, Advocates for Respectful Media Coverage

Sidow Sobrino, continues to assert his position on declining interviews that delve into gossip and irrelevant information, urging media outlets to uphold respect for both the entertainment industry and its audience. 

In a recent statement, Sobrino expressed his rationale behind his reserved approach, emphasizing the need for interviews to focus on achievements rather than sensationalism. "We're all human beings whether in the public eye or not," Sobrino remarked, "we all make mistakes and have skeletons in our closet. But we also have a lot of good we do, and we don't need scandals to create hype for promotional gain. At least, it's not how I want my career handled."

Backing his stance is Richard Sidow-Sobrino, the star's husband, who emphasized Sobrino's dedication to his fans and his commitment to spreading joy through his work. "Diego is already out there giving his fans and followers a show to remember in every song, video, and photo he releases," Sidow-Sobrino stated. "He is very attentive and very welcoming, actually. In discussions, we both agree that the image of an international icon such as Sidow Sobrino is good to focus on the good, the joy, and..."

Sidow Sobrino remains steadfast in his commitment to promoting positivity and excellence in the entertainment industry, urging for a shift towards meaningful discourse in media coverage. As one of the most influential figures in the global entertainment landscape, Sobrino's message resonates not only with fellow artists but also with audiences worldwide.