1. Joy Unlimited

From the recording The World's Most Powerful Man

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LA, put your hands up!
Chinas, hold your fans up!
Beaches, lay your sands up!
LA, put your hands up... I am going to beat you.

Come on, hands up, dance with me, the rosés of our fear are schwastin',
The crowd is cozyin' with how this sweetness really tastin',
So swallow all your cares and let your voice sound up the air,
This beatin' gun be fly, bass beatin' 'till we die.

We come from the sand, the stars, the beat is gonna drive us tonight.
We raise up our hands, our hearts, tonight our joy's unlimited.

Joy unlimited...

No limits tonight.

Music Created and written by Niló, The United Imperial.
Produced by Sidow Sobrino.