Always have your Warrior Armor On

I'm not fond of sharing my lows. When we tend to focus on problems, more are hunting after us. So I look to tell my story from the positive side of life, and somehow the sun is always shining.

We can complain about what is going wrong and bring people around us down too. And really, who wants to be around the miserable? Nobody.

So no matter what day, always have your warrior armor on. Listen to our songs; they are a shield that protects me and you, the listener. I make sure that when you enter the ultimate kingdom of Joy, which is our minds, we are empowered.

As I create, I know I'm going to listen to it many times, and millions hear them too,  so they must be fun, upbeat, and entertaining, but most important, lessons that help us go through life with the mentality of true champions.

Be Proud, Be Loud, Be You., Our latest compilation LP,  Anthology Of The World's No.1 Superstar, is an album that celebrates You, those who dare to be different, stand out, and Never take No for an answer.

Happy People, Let's Dance!!!!



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