Here is a Huge Reason To be Happier Than ever!


We know how much you love our music and merchandise. Especially you, our fans who seek to stand out in a world that seeks to fit in. We do whatever we want, while others judge. We don't care. These designs scream power, drive, and characteristics of warriors.  

Buying official merchandise is a way to show your support and for us to be more connected. Our T-shirts are made with high-quality materials and follow strict guidelines, ensuring that you receive a product that is both authentic and durable.

See which designs you like best. You might even want to get all of them. Each image from the Fantasy Fantastic collection tells a unique story. The proceeds from merchandise sales go towards funding activities, such as recording new music, touring, and other promotional efforts. 

Because these designs are for a limited time, we suggest you get them as soon as possible. We will stop the sale once our short inventory runs out, and They WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE AGAIN. They are all Collectible items that also become more valuable over time. Hurry, Here is the link to the store. 

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