Happy Independence Day From The Sidow Sobrino's


I can't contain my excitement! Independence Day is here, and we have something special planned. We decided to enjoy burgers and hot dogs, watch movies and embrace the joy of our freedom as Americans; yes!!!

There's something about burgers and Hot dogs that screams freedom and celebration. Maybe it's how they unite people, like our nation coming together to celebrate its independence. Or perhaps it's how they symbolize the American dream – eating a simple yet satisfying meal while making memories, laughing, talking, and enjoying each other's company.

The supreme court has been making some changes to our society, and while we disagree with their decisions, we feel we are human beings and make our own choices. Why are they focusing on the small details when they're bigger issues to be focusing on? But our nation is always under God's grace; we don't have to see eye to eye when it comes to beliefs, but we must stand strong in who we are, and what we stand for with respect and justice. This is what celebrating Independence Day is all about – coming together as a community and cherishing our freedom.

For our family, the American dream is a reality, I migrated to this country, and I did everything I had to do to prove I was worthy of becoming a citizen of the USA by taking the Oath of Allegiance, and Supporting the Constitution. I worked faithfully and relentlessly by going after my goals as a Hollywood and international actor and recording artist, I married my husband Richard Sidow-Sobrino who is a teacher and influences the education of our children. This can only be done here in the USA, the most blessed and beautiful country.

So this year, Let's raise our glasses to our great nation and freedom. Knowing that we are celebrating not just our country, but also the joy of being together. Happy Independence Day!

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