Lights, Camera, Transformation: Behind the Scenes of The Happy Halloween Music Video


We are absolutely thrilled to announce that the cameras are officially rolling for our much-anticipated music video, "Happy Halloween," the current track we're promoting! The excitement is palpable as we dive into this creative journey, with every member of our team fully committed to making this project an unforgettable experience. As for me, I had to make a bit of a sacrifice, shaving off my beard to make room for the intricate makeup required for my character. Likewise, Richard is undergoing an incredible transformation, aged to perfection to bring his character to life. 

In this photo, he's patiently waiting with our dogs, Roxie and Amigo, before he is called to be dressed by our wardrobe team. 


Stay tuned, as we promise to keep you updated on all the behind-the-scenes action and exclusive sneak peeks from the set. It will be a spooktacular adventure, and we can't wait to share it with you! 🎃🎶🎥 


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