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We're finally home after filming all week.

We spent Thanksgiving in Uniontown, Pennsylvania filming the remaining scenes and collecting B roll footage for our music video HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

Because of the nature of the song and Halloween being in the fall, I felt important to capture the…

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Have You Seen All Our Happy Halloween Characters?

 We've conjured up a spooktacular treat just in time for the season of the supernatural. In our quest to share the eerie delight of our song "Happy Halloween," we've brewed up a cast of unforgettable characters to star in live…

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Sidow Sobrino's Happy Halloween Song Lyrics


 Here are the song Lyrics so you can sing along to Sidow Sobrino's newly released song, Happy Halloween.


(VERSE 1) 

Get ready to scream

To laugh and dress up

It’s Halloween,

A time for good fun

Out in the dark,

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