An Automated Robot Wasted Our time

It all started when our dogs Amigo and Roxie needed their license renewed, and we had to submit proof of their rabies vaccination to the County Department of Animal Services. I'm going to make this story short. 

After several emails, one after another, for a week, I kept receiving a message telling me they could not accept the information because no proof had been submitted. I made sure that every message had the attached papers. Tired of the response, "No attachment found in your email." I called and after 45 minutes of waiting. The person on the other line reassured me that they had received it, and both our dog's papers were in order and updated. I questioned them on why the many replies stated otherwise. They answered, "Sorry, our automated reply system sends you those messages." 

I know technology is supposed to make things easier, but when everyone is wasting time like this, it makes no sense. Everything is solved, but come on. Updating documents of this type is imperative because, as citizens, we get fined when we don't. Have you experienced anything like this? What was it, and how did you solve it? Let us know in the comments. It will help our community. Grow and keep an eye on how to solve issues that may affect us at any time.

 Amigo is our Christmas dog. We're about to celebrate our first year together. Stay tuned. We will share photos and moments of our dog that keep us smiling throughout the year like these. 

Amigo protected Richard while he was waiting in makeup to get into costume before filming the music video for Happy Halloween.

Amigo wrapped under my arm while watching a movie.


Amigo is sleeping under his blanket with his front feet up.

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