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A Time of Mourning for the Sidow Sobrino Family

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the Sidow Sobrino family is grieving a great loss. After 5 and a half years of faithful service, our beloved water cooler has ceased to function.

For years, it has been an…

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An Automated Robot Wasted Our time

It all started when our dogs Amigo and Roxie needed their license renewed, and we had to submit proof of their rabies vaccination to the County Department of Animal Services. I'm going to make this story short. 

After several emails…

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Be Happy it's Saturday!

Saturdays mean you get a break from work or school and have time to relax and recharge.

Yes, It's a day to do what we love. a great opportunity to pursue our hobbies and interests, whether reading a book, practicing…

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Our Dog Amigo Welcomes The Amazon Delivery Man

What I am sharing with you today is an image taken by the Amazon delivery man. Their delivery team snaps photos of packages in an unattended location. At the time I was on the treadmill for my midafternoon walk. When…

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We started Building Our Lego Holiday Main Street

We got a Lego Holiday Main Street Sreet set and started building it. There are 1,514 pieces. The (10308) buildable model includes a toy store, music store, shoppers, store owners, and their cozy apartments, plus a streetcar ready to transport…

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The Sidow-Sobrino Christmas Photo 2022

The first thing we did this morning was hugged each other, praise God with gratitude for his abundant blessings in our lives, snapped our 2022 Family Christmas Photo...

And made my husband pancakes for breakfast. 

Share with us what you…

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Finally, Welcome Home Amigo!

My husband Richard and I finally welcome our new adopted dog. No, unfortunately, there's been a delay with our plans.

We're not very Happy right now!


Meet The New Furry Baby in Our Family

We Adopted this dog yesterday December 12th at the Corona Animal Shelter. The eight-year-old Chihuahua will come home on Monday, December 19th, after he is neutered and fully vaccinated.

The Furry baby had been at the shelter for an entire…

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Real Men Have Abs

Abs are rated the sexiest muscle on a man's body. I read this from a study conducted by Western Illinois University. Dedication to exercise and maintaining a good physique goes beyond being a cover model, being in entertainment, or turning…

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Show Everyone's Who's The Boss

You Know you're moving forward in life when you're circle of friends becomes small.  When you enjoy doing what makes you happy regardless of what others think. When waking up daily, tired or full of energy, you are driven by…

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The Christmas Decorating Elves are at Work

These elves stopped by today to help us decorate our Christmas Tree. Meet Richard elf and Diego elf. 

They were energetic and fast, but they got tangled in the lights.

Roxie elf showed up a bit later, but instead of…

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Our Thanksgiving message to you

We're grateful for you, for your love, the support we receive daily for what we do, and mostly for God's Blessings and favor in every area of our lives.

To you, who listen to our songs, watch our videos, share…

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We're all around the city in Connellsville, PA

We fist stopped by the Valley Dairy for breakfast. I had an omelet and Richard 2 eggs sunny side up with potatoes.

Pechin Express was the next stop for some groceries that will be a part of our Thanksgiving dinner.

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Greetings from the air

We're above the clouds, Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your loved ones. 

We're grateful, for everything that fills our hearts with true joy. So many blessings, so much love, and favor from the Almighty. 

We're about to wrap up…

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Life is all about memories. Bury all sadness

Life is all about memories. bury all sadness and celebrate each moment, each achievement, each lesson learned. Celebrate everyone and everything around you. Endless Blessings, Happy People it's a new Week. Let's Dance!!!