A Beautiful Message I Want to Share With You.

As we scrolled through social media this morning, we stumbled upon a beautiful message. I firmly believe that nothing appears randomly; everything we encounter serves a purpose. Sometimes, the messages we come across may not align with our immediate desires, but they often carry significance nonetheless. They might be exactly what we need to hear, or they could be meant for sharing with others.

Today, this particular message struck a chord with me, resonating with the many instances where I've felt low and questioned my path. It made me realize that I rarely ponder these moments long enough to consider giving up. Let me share its essence with you, as it might offer solace or serve as a beacon of hope for someone else. It speaks to the power of perseverance and faith, reminding us that through understanding its depth, our faith can grow stronger, and our resilience can fill us with pride as we continue to forge ahead.

Be the person who still tries.

 After failure, after frustration, after

disappointment, after exhaustion,

after heartache, be the person

who musters up the courage to

believe that a new attempt can

manifest a new outcome. 

Be the person who still tries. 

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