Just in Time for Valentine's Day, The "Our Love Deluxe Remix" by Sidow Sobrino is now officially released

The "Our Love Deluxe Remix" version of Sidow Sobrino's hit single is now officially released. Today, February 11, 2021, the original tune, and now global anthem of Love featuring Sidow's husband Richard, continues the celebration with the release of a dance remix that is sure to get you rocking and singing like never before. 

The first version of the song was published in 2020, and  was written to commemorate the couple's 1st wedding anniversary. A journey that started with entertainer Sidow Sobrino sending a happy face emoji, to now husband Richard Sidow-Sobrino on a social network site, both soon agreed on becoming exclusive with each other and being boyfriends, later that year on September 8, 2020 launched in over 189 countries through apple music, daily motion, youTube and Sur Orange.fr in France, was a music video filmed on location at the Jumonville cross in the highlands of Southwestern Pennsylvania, and Niagara Falls city, in New York State.

Now, available on every music platform worldwide is the "Our Love Deluxe Remix." Listen here