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Get Ready for The Sidow-Sobrino Duo's "Our Love" Music Video

Filmed on location at the Jumonville cross in the highlands of Southwestern Pennsylvania, and Niagara Falls city, in New York State. The King of Kings and director husband The Rich man, Richard Sidow-Sobrino.recorded footage for "Our Love"

The music video…

Our Love

Our Love 

Sidow Sobrino's Hit Single 

Coming 8/24/20.














Sidow convinces husband Richard to wear makeup, sing and perform

Yes, you are looking at Richard Sidow-Sobrino in front of a green screen, during the filming of a music video. 

Sidow convinced Richard to wear makeup, sing and perform to an upcoming single in which they are collaborating. Although the…

Sidow's No.1 song of Spring 2020 

Sidow Sobrino's new single King of Kings is making Global history thanks to the European Public.

This is Sidow's No.1 song of Spring 2020 by popular demand. Listen now, and add to your Spotify playlist here