Music Superstar Sidow Sobrino to Begin Filming Video Inspired By His Husband

Richard Sidow-Sobrino is the subject of the world's No. 1 Superstar new song, "Richard's Cumbia," or "La Cumbia del gringo Richard." After recording the song early in 2022, the couple will begin filming the music video. The song is of Latin beat, featuring one of the most iconic instruments of Latin America, the drums. The lyrics tell the story of  Richard as an all-American man who loves to dance but doesn't understand the words of the songs too well since they are in Spanish.

"My husband Richard loves the Spanish language and the music, but I only teach him the bad words." Says Sidow Sobrino. "This song is about those moments when we are having fun, listening to music in foreign languages, and he starts dancing but doesn't understand what the words mean. The man is a riot; he shakes his body up and down and tries very hard to pronounce sounds, but I only end up laughing at what he thinks the performer is singing, and it makes absolutely no sense. Everyone needs to get a load of the fun." Concluded the global Icon.

The Song is bilingual with the idea of uniting as many cultures as possible. Sidow was born in Mexico of Spanish European descent and raised in the USA. Richard was born in the United States with a mix of Polish and Lebanese. 

Sidow Sobrino's husband, Richard, shares that "we both so love music, and it is what connected us in the early days of our budding relationship. Diego and I would dance everywhere we went the store, on a walk, in our home." Richard goes on to say, "He (Sidow Sobrino) started playing Mexican music around the house, and I began dancing to it anyway my body felt the beat. The drum beats just made me go crazy, kicking my feet back and throwing my arms into the air." He concluded, "watching my husband laugh made it all the more fun to dance. I didn't care what the words were saying. I didn't understand them. I felt the music, making him (Sidow Sobrino) happy. Thus, the idea for our new song was born."

Sidow Sobrino is currently promoting "Bananas 4 God." Both the song and video are available for streaming at on all platforms worldwide. Later this spring, he has scheduled the release of "Hungry for Your Love." In this particular adventure, he portrays a vampire among many other songs planned for production and the filming of numerous participations in movies and TV Shows.