There are three new songs you must hear in Sidow Sobrino's New LP I'm Obsessed with You


As announced early this October, Sidow Sobrino has launched the full album I'M OBSESSED WITH YOU. The LP features background vocals with his husband Richard Sidow-Sobrino and songs in which Richard also co-wrote and performs with the Icon. Tunes such as OUR LOVE and SPIN & DANCE, 

The musical production has three new songs that have not been previously released. "This is an album with a variety of flavors." Sidow Sobrino explains. "I'm hoping to take my public into a fun journey, I'm a creator of music, not niches, so if you like music and like to dance as well as praising God, you're going to find this creation an experience you'll want to hear over and over again. The songwriter concluded. 

The three new songs are 1. God is in my life.


2. - Deranged 


and 3.- Dominating the world



The LP, according to the star's husband," is an eclectic mix of songs that transports the listener to a euphoric utopia in their own minds." Richard adds, "This is our first of many collaborations in which my husband and I intend to expose our fans to a world of pure joy that will invigorate one's body and mind to seize every opportunity in life."  He further states, "My husband, Sidow Sobrino has transformed himself into a world-wide music sensation that will continue to amaze fans with a unique blend of sounds for decades to come. This is just the beginning." 

The full album with 11 original creations is available now on the star's official website an  all streaming services including Qobuz in Europe, Deezer, Apple Music, iHeartRadio, Spotify among others.