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A Year Ending Week

As I look back on many year-ending experiences during my second week of Winter Vacation. I reflect on the wonders of everyday life. It was the last week of 2022. Christmas Day was an excellent opportunity to fill my soul…

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My First Week of Winter Vacation 2022

I am wrapping up my first week of Winter vacation with a blog post. Speaking of wrapping, all our presents are wrapped under our tree. Here is a video of our tree, Sweet Joy.



Teaching is a passion that keeps…

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Plants Bring Joy to Our Lives

The inside and outside of our house is surrounded by all types of plants.  Plants' vibration allows one to relax and feel joy in their environment. They bring a sense of calm to my inner being and peace to my…

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A Man & His Dog

After a busy day, you can see Diego and our dog, Karmal fast asleep. This picture represents so much in our lives. Diego came into our hearts and home in 2018. Karmal was eight years old and he was my…

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Weekend Home Project-DONE

I promised you pics of the cleaned-out and reorganized Barbie House. Diego and I with the help of our dogs, spent Saturday morning clearing out our outside shed. Many of the items in Friday's blog pics were set out on…

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Twinning in Paris

During our recent stay in Paris, our twinning style was on display. The French people applauded our unique way of expression and even made heart gestures with their hands. Always celebrate your uniqueness!



Paris We'll Be Back For Sure

Our first trip to Paris has come to an end. We spent six wonderful days exploring all this magnificent city has to offer. Strolling along the streets, we saw the beauty in its people. The uniqueness of each district…

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I loved attending my first ever Opera Show

One of my Christmas gifts from my husband was tickets to the OPERA! Going to see and experience an opera has always been an item I wanted to cross off of my bucket list. Well, last week it happened and…

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What’s Your Favorite Ballpark Memory? 

On our recent trip back to Pennsylvania, Diego and I took my parents to see the Pittsburgh Pirates play against the Atlanta Braves at PNC Park on July 5th. It was Diego’s first time at this ballpark. It is an…

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Watch The "SPIN and DANCE" Music Video

The video for our hit song, "Spin and Dance" is now available world-wide. It takes you back and forth from the black and white era of the 1920's to the era of the 2020's while transporting you out of this…

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Healthy Living...Just Take a Small Step

Almost three years ago, I began a journey to become more healthy and fit. I was nearing fifty and just had met my future husband. Diego had already been working out and eating healthy for over two decades when we…

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Rocking around the christmas tree

We got our tree, took out the ornaments and the glitter is everywhere. This is what we are up to during our thanksgiving holiday. The extreme California heat, killed our tree from our last christmas. After a long search and…

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