Diving into Audition Mastery: Unveiling the Ransford Doherty Experience


Last night was a late one for me. As you may already know, we officially launched our new music video, "I'll Make You Mine." But amidst the excitement, something else genuinely remarkable happened yesterday evening. I had the incredible opportunity to participate in a class I can only describe as a game-changer. It was an immersive dive into the world of audition preparation, all thanks to the revolutionary "Diving Board Technique" pioneered by Ransford Doherty. You might recognize him as an accomplished American actor, notable for his supporting role as Kendall in "The Closer" and its spin-off series "Major Crimes." He has also graced the big screen alongside talents like Kevin Hart in "Something Like a Business" and shared the screen with Bruce Willis in "Hostage."

The SAG-AFTRA Conservatory hosted the class, and was exclusively tailored for active members. The focal point was unwrapping the intricate layers of scenes, enabling us, the actors, to genuinely respond to our scene partners and drive the narrative forward. The revelations we experienced were nothing short of astounding, and I'm brimming with enthusiasm to convey the impact of this experience.

The Diving Board Technique, the brainchild of Ransford Doherty, is a proprietary approach designed to empower actors to dissect scenes more authentically and organically. Its primary objective is to shift our mindset from merely impressing casting directors to genuinely embodying the essence of the character and seamlessly blending into the scene's fabric. This technique is a potent instrument, showcasing our acting prowess, in-depth grasp of the material, and intricate emotions that steer the storyline.

The actual distinction of this technique lies in its emphasis on fostering dynamic interactions between actors. It revolutionizes auditions, steering them away from nerve-wracking experiences and cultivating genuine connections and collaboration opportunities. By intently listening, instinctively reacting, and genuinely responding to our scene partners, we can develop an unmistakable chemistry that enthralls audiences and casting professionals alike.

Words can't adequately capture my eagerness to apply the invaluable lessons I've gleaned. This class has lit a fire, motivating me to confront auditions with renewed self-assurance and authenticity. Equipped with the insights furnished by the Diving Board Technique, I'm poised to step into my character's shoes, embracing their motivations, fears, and desires, all while delivering a performance that's as captivating as it is emotionally resonant.

In the constantly evolving realm of entertainment, I view attending classes as my North Star for growth. The industry's dynamic nature necessitates staying abreast of the latest techniques and methodologies to remain relevant and leave a lasting impression. Each class I engage in is an investment in refining my craft, a platform for learning, unlearning, and relearning, and a pivotal stride toward becoming a more versatile and accomplished actor.

Amidst auditions with high stakes and intense competition, the Diving Board Technique emerges as a breath of fresh air, championing authenticity as the linchpin. With newfound knowledge and boundless enthusiasm, I eagerly anticipate immersing myself in upcoming auditions with the tools to craft indelibly memorable performances and emotionally charged commissions. Here's to personal and professional growth, the ongoing evolution of our craft, and the thrilling journey in entertainment.

For those who share my aspirations in the entertainment world, I invite you to explore Ransford Doherty's official website to learn more about his accomplishments. Whether you're nurturing dreams of becoming a professional or are already treading the path, if you're eager to elevate your career through training, his platform is an invaluable resource. Discover more at  https://ransford.me/

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