Sidow Sobrino To Drop New A Single and Video on April 29th

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Sidow Sobrino To Drop A New Single and Video on April 29th

The international luminary is celebrating the 22nd year of his vocation since his first album Quema Quema was considered for seven Latin Grammy Nominations by putting out LP number eleven.

HOLLYWOOD, CA. & MANHATTAN, N.Y. & LONDON & SYDNEY & CIUDAD DE MÉXICO, Mexico - March 31, 2022 -- Die Rich Entertainment -- Hungry for Your Love is the title of the world's No.1 superstar's new song and music video being released on April 29th. The dance tune is a high-beat dance song combining Tribal, House, and EDM sounds. The single follows the release of "Bananas 4 God," launched in January, part of the upcoming LP "My Amir."

Two promotional videos have been circulating the internet already, and a third one will hit the cyber waves on April 8th. The edgy production is vampire-themed and promises exciting footage.  Sidow Sobrino gives life to the grand vampire in the story, an elegant and thirsty creature looking to feed on any human, but he falls in love. Instead of killing his prey, he grants it immortality and treasures of the world.

"Launching a new project is always exciting." Said the star. "We feel immensely blessed by the support of endless followers worldwide. We continue making entertainment history because the public feels our passion for what we do. Artists are launched every year, and their careers end quicker than the time it took to put all their material together. They don't take time to nurture their relationship with the public; this career isn't just about the products.  It's about the love between the fans and the artist. We have stepped away from scandals and quick publicity stunts just to be talked about; the audience is sick of trash.  We instead give them the best we have from our inspiration and creativity. They support us by streaming and sharing our content.  That's the kind of love money can't buy.  We're very fortunate to see this happen in our lives." Sidow Sobrino concluded. 

His husband Richard is also featured in the project; he portrays a geek looking for adventure inside the nightclub, the beast's lair. "In this production, the dark tones and hypnotic features allowed me to explore another side of acting," Richard stated. "This particular music video allowed me to use facial expressions to convey my feelings. The audience will be mesmerized watching it," he added. Richard teased, "I don't want to give too much away, but the ending is spectacular. Our fans will love it!" 

The promo teasers can be watched on the artist's official website at and his official YouTube channel.




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