The World's No.1 Superstar Discontinues Happening Now Blog for a More Private Approach

Sidow Sobrino’s Commitment to Quality Shines Through in Decision, Prioritizing Impactful Content Creation over Real-Time Updates.

HOLLYWOOD, CA, UNITED KINGDOM & AUSTRALIAJan. 20, 2024 — Renowned entertainer Sidow Sobrino has announced the discontinuation of his “Happening Now” blog and posting on social media, signaling a shift towards a more private and exclusive approach to sharing updates with his audience. The decision reflects the singer’s dedication to creating and producing content, prioritizing the quality and impact of his work over constant real-time updates.

The” MY AMIR” singer emphasized the benefits of keeping information private: “If no one knows what we’re up to, the less haters can attack. My team and I will only share once the product is finalized. Privacy is king, and the next time people see content from us, it will be the new song, music album, movie, or show we’re a part of. We prefer to keep everyone guessing our news; all information is available on our website at and all search engines.”

This decision aligns with the pop icon’s commitment to delivering exceptional content while avoiding unnecessary distractions and external pressures. By maintaining a more private approach, The Hollywood actor aims to foster a genuine connection with his audience through the impactful release of finalized projects.

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