My life is one amazing movie scene

Do you ever wake up and wonder, How did I get this life!!!!? I look in the mirror, and almost don't believe how blessed I am. For me, every email I send and receive has to do with filming a movie or TV show, or even a live performance. I work with very talented and iconic people. I transform into people and do things I don't care for in real life. I'll let the images do the talking and you can use your imagination and come up with a scenario of what I am doing. 

When most stars reach that level of A-Lister, or even a B-Lister, they stop auditioning, and while I get a lot of work from companies who know my work, I thrive on learning, growing and expanding my list of contacts.

The industry has changed very drastically in the recent years, it continues to change and with Covid, I am now filming auditions in my living room, and uploading videos all around the world for the next project for you to enjoy me on the big screen, my life is one amazing movie scene.



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