Afternoon Sweat Session after filming all day

After filming all day at the studio, we arrived home and did some cardio on the treadmill. In our family, self-discipline is essential. No matter how tired we feel, we always persevere.

Actions, thoughts, and behavior lead to improvement and…

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A Man with a purpose always Prevails

When you follow your calling, You wake up daily and do whatever needs to be done with a smile. You are grateful for those who offer support and ignore those who try to bring you down. 

Situations get in your…

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Happy New Year 2023

My husband Richard and I wish you all the best this new year, 2023. We hope every day is better than the last, filled with blessings and euphoric memories with your loved ones. 

I pray that you achieve all your…

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Trained Back, Biceps and Abs

A good muscle pump always makes good days even better. Today we trained Back, Biceps, and Abs. I love the many benefits of exercise. The fact that I accomplished this goal sets the pace for accomplishing many others throughout the…

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We started Building Our Lego Holiday Main Street

We got a Lego Holiday Main Street Sreet set and started building it. There are 1,514 pieces. The (10308) buildable model includes a toy store, music store, shoppers, store owners, and their cozy apartments, plus a streetcar ready to transport…

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Christmas Day Workout

Never underestimate the power of exercise. A good workout on any day feels terrific, and a Christmas day workout makes this holiday even more exciting.