I'm One Man You Can't get off your mind and this is why

One look into my eyes, and you are fascinated by what brings you here, reading this post. Why? Why is Sidow Sobrino in your mind day and night, and you cannot live without checking out everything I do?

Welcome to the club. I have that effect on the masses. People always love to be around me, and many cannot control themselves. It's an animalistic behavior I cause. I'm a man with an eccentric lifestyle. I know what I want and how to get it; if I don't, I look at the situation as a learning experience to do better next time. I take chances most people won't because of fear. Fear is fuel for me. I use that to propel me. If it scares me, I'm going to go for it.


This Iconic lifestyle is what everyone knows about me and why people from all over the world log in to my site. But for now, let's focus on some secrets I want to share with you. H I managed to stay in shape during thanksgiving week without working out. Here, I tell You all about it in my Gratitude blog.


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