We remain Forever Grateful For the Doors Modeling opened

At 48, modeling has been pivotal, not just for our image but for investing in our music, videos, and acting. Maintaining peak physical condition is a testament to our self-love and commitment to building our brand. Modeling taught us discipline and consistency, skills we apply to crafting our music and visuals. It's also opened doors to acting, leveraging our visual presence and versatility. The greatest investment in our industry is ourselves, proving age is no barrier to success in entertainment.

Oor journey in modeling includes underwear campaigns, posing for books, and inspiring endless sketch artists – a lucrative stepping stone that enriched our path and solidified our presence in the industry.

Our brand today embodies our life story and relentless spirit to thrive. Beyond music and acting, we've expanded into fashion with our clothing line, offering bags, shoes, and T-shirts. With the unwavering support of our adoring fans, we continue to grow. This morning marks the launch of our No.1 Designs High Top shoes for both men and women. We invite you to own a pair and be part of this marvelous journey. 

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