The Sidow Sobrino's Take a Walk On Les Jardins Du Château De Versailles


Sidow Sobrino and his husband Richard take a walk in the Gardens of Versailles Palace. See some of the most beautiful fountains and the maze of trees that surrounds le chateau de Versailles in France, the principal residence of the French kings from the time of Louis XIV to Louis XVI. 

A monumental task, the gardens were built by Jules Hardouin-Mansart between 1684 and 1686, before work on the Château de Versailles had even begun. Large amounts of soil had to be shifted to level the ground, create parterres, build the Orangery, and dig out the fountains and Canals in places previously occupied solely by meadows and marshes. Trees were brought in from different regions of France. Thousands of men, sometimes even entire regiments, took part in this immense project.

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